Friday Fictioneers – 2nd October 2015

The Test – (100 words)


“Is this really necessary?”

“The free association test is compulsory for all applicants and forms part of our profiling to determine suitability.”

Harold sighed, turned to the screen and clicked to begin.

AMBULANCE flashed on the monitor. Harold typed: HOSPITAL



DISCRIMINATION – Harold paused, looked at the young HR woman then typed.

He pushed his chair back from  the desk and stood up.

“Mr Meyrick if you don’t complete…” he raised a hand to silence her.

“We both know you don’t want a sixty year old janitor.”

As he left she looked at his final answer;  AGEIST



  1. Interesting way to write this situation! Plus I like how you leave it nicely ambiguous whether his suspicion about the young HR woman is correct or whether he suspects that of everyone — either way it looks like it wouldn’t be a good fit.


    • It’s meant to be a light hearted pop at the way companies use HR departments to circumvent anti – discrimination legislation. But in 100 words there isn’t much room for subtlety. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂


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