Friday Fictioneers – The Right to Life

I am not quite sure how it was that I got from the picture for this week’s prompt to the subject of my story, but I would be interested to know  if the story and setting can be understood from the clues I have given. I hope you enjoy 🙂

The Right to Life (100 words)

They drove in silence, crossing the bridge out of Wexford almost a metaphor for the path their lives were taking. Except the bridge beneath their feet was two-way and Ciara knew that there was no coming back from where they were headed.

They passed a sign for Rossmore and she saw his jaw tighten.  She squeezed his knee in solidarity and stroked her tummy absently. Then, shocked by her own action, she took it away again and fixed her gaze resolutely on the road ahead. Tonight they would take that ferry to Fishguard and tomorrow she would reclaim her future.



  1. I’m assuming she’s crossing to the UK from Ireland to get an abortion (though I would have expected Rosslare to Fishguard if starting from Wexford)?

    I like the way you described this, especially with “stroked her tummy” and “reclaim her future”.


  2. Yes, I understood the purpose to be an abortion, though Fishmore threw me. Surely there’d be somewhere closer in the UK. Very sad though, apart from the geographical issue. And I wonder if they would get their lives back, after that. Good one.


  3. The meaning is clear even when one is unfamiliar with the particular places (like me). The one-way/two-way contrast, her hand on her belly – no doubt what’s going on. Very poignant story. I like the descriptions of both characters. Well told.


  4. I missed the stroking tummy reference the first time, but reading the comments and then going back, I can see what you went for. I like how you’ve presented this story – its not the tragic tale that normally follows an abortion story, rather a solid ‘regaining control’ tale. Its got a real positivity to it.
    Well done.


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