Winter Wonderland

Friday Fictioneers – 24th April 2015

Photoprompt – Copyright Douglas MacIlroy

Winter Wonderland – 100 Words

Chris Blake raised his shock rifle and took aim. Forty years in cryo-sleep travelling across the galaxy all for a new life on an enormous snowball inhabited by carnivorous, giant Yetis!

He’d heard of the enduring nightmares some suffered while in stasis, but he had problems enough in the real world – ten Yetis and only six more shots…

Tina took a long last look at her sleeping husband. “Will he ever wake?”

Doctor Peters shook his head sadly, “We all knew the risks. It’s time to go, the shuttle is waiting.”

“Sweet dreams honey.” she whispered, as she left him behind.


  1. I enjoyed reading that. Carnivorous Yetis on a giant snowball. Poor Chris – locked in stasis with his nightmares for ever. A nicely different take on the prompt. Well done!


  2. Fascinating chestnut of a story. I read it three or more times and still feel as if there’s more in it. I’m assuming the husband is dreaming his death following a (relatively) successful, actual landing. But, then again, could it be the wife who is dreaming all of this? Might this really be her nightmare? Fascinating.


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