The Ripper

The Ripper (100 words)


Picture – copyright Dave Stewart

Ruby walked with a false confidence across the park, abandoned as it was to night’s inky embrace.

Eyes adjusting, she discerned a subtle contrast between the ragged crowns of trees, the charcoal smudge of the sky and the pale, almost supernatural luminosity of the bandstand. Tiny needles of freezing rain peppered the girl’s porcelain cheeks as she made for cover.

A sparking flint flashed a vivid orange snapshot of the defiled pavilion walls and ugly, vulgar words leapt from every surface to assault her senses.

He drew deeply on a cigarette, flicked it contemptuously away and strode purposefully toward her.



  1. Dear James,

    I love the feeling of inevitability in this piece and the stark contrast between each of your scenes. The title sets the stage and you make us walk with Ruby as you slowly lead the lamb to the slaughter. Great take on the prompt and great writing to accomplish it.




  2. This has become terrifying for Ruby. I really need a follow-up now … or perhaps not. If it’s the Ripper, I don’t hold out much hope for her. You’ve built the scene up beautifully with some lovely, descriptive phrases, right from the first sentence. An excellent piece of writing.


  3. Creepy! And I love that her name is Ruby. I’m kinda glad I got my walk in for the night though, and read this safe and secure on my couch. 🙂


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