Friday Fictioneers – March 13 2015

Missing – 100 Words

“I don’t understand, it was right around here.” Ansell scratched his jaw and scanned the field for the tree – their tree. Clouds of curling vapour issued from his mouth with each wheezing breath to unravel and disperse in the crisp morning air.

His mind wandered back to warm summer days under that tree drinking in her fragrance, their bodies entwined.

The two men behind him glanced at one another. “You’ve got five minutes Ansell, then we’re heading back.”

“Wait!” said Ansell, “over there.”

He pointed towards a withered stump half-hidden in the long grass.

“That’s where I buried her.”


  1. Dear JWD,

    Lots of mystery here and I’m hewing toward Claire’s way of thinking in that perhaps he didn’t kill her, but rather just helped bury her after the fact. Great description, mist and the moment. Lots of room for expansion and exploration, too.




  2. I, too, have to hope that there’s more to the story then “he loved he, then murdered her.” Perhaps that’s just a hope but whether true or not, your story is filled with lovely description and feeling.



  3. Yeah, the ending is unexpected. I do get the sense that he loved her, but of course that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have killed her. I also wonder who the two men are: police? Accomplices? Very intriguing!


  4. Another good one! Wasn’t expecting the ending, and even thought at first he was trying to remember where he buried the money, not the body.


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