A rare foray back into the world of Friday Fictioneers for this post,


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)THE KEY:MAKE. EVERY. WORD. COUNT.

Famous (100 Words)

Harris surveyed the carnage with quiet satisfaction. Blood flowed freely from his shattered nose yet he felt no pain. Ears ringing and hands shaking he sought his companion.

Klebold crouched, peering under a desk at three terrified girls. “Boo,” he shouted gleefully, putting a bullet in each of them.

“Reckon we’re about done,” said Harris.

Klebold nodded laughing, “you look like shit, man.”

At the far side of the library, they stopped, face to face, a gun to each other’s head.

“Right then, on three,” said Harris.

“On three,” Klebold agreed.

“One.., two..,” Harris paused smiling, “we’re fucking famous man!”


17 thoughts on “Famous

  1. Hi there — I couldn’t read the post without copying and pasting into Wordpad?

    Such painful memories in this story – I don’t think we’ll ever forget Columbine. An interesting response to the prompt —-


  2. Very dark and chilling. And of course, true to life. I could feel the boys’ gleeful psychosis leaping out at me.

    I should mention that I got the entire story in my email (I can only see the one column on here as well).


    1. Hello Margaret, thank you for reading and taking the trouble to comment, I was a bit concerned that I might upset some people by taking a real life event and writing a story based on what happened (although no-one really knows what really went on in their final minutes)but for some reason the prompt just pushed me in that direction. I am glad you found it convincing and grateful for your kind words. 🙂


    1. Thank you Rochelle, of course my story is pure supposition as to their final words together, but I can’t see anyone complaining that I have somehow portrayed these disgusting individuals in an unfair light.


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