The Game

Oh my goodness! I am still getting through last week’s and this week’s is here! I will get around to you all, I promise. In the meantime I hope you stick around to read this week’s offering which you can find below. 🙂


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)




                      Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

The Game (100 words)

“Shh, he’ll hear you!” she whispered. A quick puff on my inhaler and the tickle that threatened to betray us subsided. He swept the room with his single, monstrous eye and his gaze fixed upon the stray foot that somehow would not fit beneath the mountain of cushions.

He roared triumphantly and sprang upon our mockery of concealment. Huge talons grasped our midriffs, our screams a harmony of terror as death beckoned.

Mia began to sob; it was all too much. Dad took off the diving helmet and hugged her gently. “It’s ok honey,” he soothed, “it’s only a game.”

13 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Sounds like the helmet was just a bit too scary for poor Mia!
    I love the line “mockery of concealment”. They’re not really that well hidden, are they?


  2. Great story – Outstanding and just how children would react. 2nd to last sentence – should it be “off” instead of “of”. Please don’t think I’m being critical, I’m honestly just trying to help. Thanks, Nan 🙂


  3. Aww,such a sweet story!This week,our minds seem to have rolled in the same direction,though yours had a lot of action,drama and was way more enjoyable:-)


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