Friday Fictioneers – 7th February 2014

First time for a few weeks and I really struggled to come up with something for this prompt, but here it, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Copyright – Dawn M. Miller

Diamond in the Rough – 100 Words

“Sign here and initial here, please sir,” said the ponytailed giant, his huge, bejewelled finger tapping impatiently on the fragile scroll.

“And then they’re mine, there’s no catch?” said Paul doubtfully.

The giant nodded silently, his gum flashing white with each mastication.

Paul thought back to all those colourful lamps at the yard sale. I wonder what made me buy this one? He’d just started to polish it when the big blue guy had turned up.

Paul noticed some tiny runes in faded ink. “What’s that there?” he pointed.

The Genie looked closely and flashed a gold-toothed grin, “small print.”



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