Friday Fictioneers – 17 January 2014

Good to be back for this week’s FF. Here is the challenge:

Write a story with a beginning a middle and an end in 100 words.

Make every word count.


copyright – Erin Leary

The Rusalki – 100 Words

The men labored with their poles, one at the front of the barge, the other at the rear, sweating in spite of the cold. Their breath was alive, writhing and twisting on the air before it fell squirming, subsumed into the heaving river fog.

It was the salt that drew her. Gliding just below the surface, the Rusalki followed patiently, her lustful hunger tempered by guile honed through a thousand years of hunting.

She studied the form of the man above her; tasted his flavours on the chill night air.

Soon she would mate; then she would feast.



  1. Beautifully descriptive. I looked up “rusalki”, though your story pretty much told me what they are – I guess at least one of those men won’t be going home tonight.


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