Weekly Photo Challenge – One

Weekly Photo Challenge – One

This week, we want to see photos that focus on one thing. Maybe you’ve got a stark photo of a single tree silhouetted against the setting sun, or a lone sandpiper wandering the beach as waves crash. Perhaps you’ve caught your mother sitting by herself in a moment of quiet contemplation. Maybe you saw a basket of wriggling puppies, and got a photo with a single fuzzy face in focus. (Please, someone, take that photo!)

Thought I would give this one a Christmas theme. Ever go to the sweetbowl at Christmas and all there are left are the toffees? Not this time, I got there just in time! 🙂



Needless to say, there are only toffees now!

Happy Holidays! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – One

  1. What a wonderful piece! Thank you…

    Why don’t you start a fund to buy back no.22, I sure a lot would support and participate????


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