A Poem from the Past

While scanning my reader today I came across a post from Penny http://thewhyaboutthis.com/2013/08/24/why-do-we-write-poetry/ which got me thinking about an unexplored facet of my personality – poetry.

I have never written much poetry, and when you read this one you will probably see why.  I wrote this poem in 1990, at the end of a year long romance with a french au pair with whom I was utterly smitten. We had professed our undying love to each other, and I could not understand why she was still going home that summer if she really loved me.

But as July approached I began to brood on her impending departure and this poem was the product of my suffering as I strove to come to terms with the circumstances that just didn’t make sense to a young man in love.

The poem is about my confusion, anger, sadness and desperation at my impending loss. Of course I recovered from my sadness as soon as the next pretty girl came into my life, but the angst I suffered at that time got my creative juices flowing and I have finally decided to dust it off and put it out there for you to read, seeing as how we have built up such a wonderful bond of trust. I hope you like it, please excuse any punctuation errors as I am not familiar with poetry etiquette. 🙂

The Embittered Man

Oh, how vile a creature is Woman?

Who, with stealth and poison word

Feigns to love with dark deception,

Drunk in rapturous misconception,

Ever deeper am I lured.


Though I now glimpse this scheme she wrought,

Enchanted as an amber-ed fly

I watch the waning days slip by,

Still to my dreams I cling for naught.


Oh to know this woman’s mind,

This love for her I hold so dear,

Yet still she leaves in midst of year,

And bitter truths remain to find.


And so at last I face despair

And scream to mighty God above

What use is life bereft of love?

This pain forever more I’ll bear.




  1. That’s a great poem!
    I always find it’s easier to write poetry about “dark topics” than happy ones. Your poem very eloquently expressed how you were feeling at the time.


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