Friday Fictioneers – August 23rd 2013

Hi everyone, here is this week’s offering. I do hope you enjoy this little piece, feel free to comment and I will do my best to reply promptly! Thanks for reading. :)

Friday Fictioneers 23rd August 2013 hosted by Rochelle Wisoff Fields


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.


Make every word count.

Copyright -Claire Fuller

Copyright –Claire Fuller

The Gist (100 Words)

Maybeck scanned the ancient cemetery, pale eyes lighting on a solitary stone beneath a gnarled and knotty sentinel.

He scraped the amber lichen and traced the pitted inscription with thin, weathered fingers. “He lies beneath. God willing, there be time.” From a small vial he sprinkled tiny droplets over the grave, whispering softly; ”Sanctifico, Sanctifico…”

In darkening skies, roiling clouds gathered and took form.

Far below, streaking through soil and clay, the Gist was coming. It rose in fury, breaking ground with a single malevolent purpose.

Nerve failing, Maybeck collapsed in desperate supplication.

Eyes averted, he never saw the blow.



  1. I guess that’ll teach him to mess with powers he doesn’t understand!
    Brilliant name for the entity -“The Gist”. I particularly like the line “collapsed in desperate supplication” – sounds like Maybeck knows at that point he may have made a mistake.
    Well written 🙂


  2. well done..i like the suspense and mystery. and of course,the lesson to never mess with stuff unless you’re powerful or wise enough to control it 🙂


  3. Begin with a mystery and leave us with one…clever.
    Will the drops have been enough to revive what lay beneath?
    Will a new hero be unveiled next week?

    There are always a few tricks up the sleeves of writers. I once long ago did read an unconventional story about Vampires where they were able eventually to be out in the day and not have to drink human blood (I think) – not related to the Sookie Stackhouse ‘True Blood’ series.

    But that isn’t what Alastair has up his sleeve. And alas I am sworn to secrecy… 😉


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