Friday Fictioneers 19 April 2013 – Pip

Welcome to this week’s posting for Friday Fictioneers, a group of people who write a piece of fiction in around 100 words based on a photo prompt. The group is hosted byRochelle Wissoff-Fields and you are cordially invited to read, and comment and join in too if you feel like having a go! You can find the story beneath the photo prompt below, I hope you enjoy it. :)


Copyright-Janet Webb

Pip (100 Words)

My kid brother, allergic to everything, afraid of nothing; all pink, scaly skin and bloody, cracking scabs. Pip went everywhere I did; always with that bag – his emergency injection.

When the ball sailed over the high brick wall, Pip handed me his bag. Standing on my shoulders, he scrambled on top, dropping with a thud to the other side. We never thought of how he would climb back out. He kicked the ball over – then screamed as they swarmed all over him. Desperately, futilely, I searched for a way in, Pip’s precious bag hanging useless from my shoulder.



    • Thanks Penny, interesting that you read the narrator as a girl, although I gave no clues to it, I think we tend to fill in the blanks, making the narrator like ourselves. Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂


  1. Sad how it turns out for Pip. I like your description of him in the first paragraph — you really painted a colorful character in a short space. Too bad for the kid, though.


    • Thanks Rochelle, I have had disappearing internet syndrome for the last couple of days and it is really hard to keep up with my reading and commenting at the moment, but I will get around to it. Thank you for your kind comments. 🙂


    • Sorry to hear that Jackie, I have a friend who has a young daughter who is allergic to just about everything, and she keeps finding new things to be allergic to. It is an incredibly stressful business for parents in this situation. I hope you are managing yours. Take care. 🙂


  2. Reality bites. I think now-a-days kids have to have them in fanny packs or some such so they are never without.

    I got bit by a Floridian No-see-um once. And my the bite swelled to the size of a quarter. I stopped pruning my mother’s bush then. No sense going back for what you can’s see.


    • I had to google no-see-ums as I had never heard the term, sounds nasty. We live by a river and our back garden gets what I call ‘eye-flys’. These lovely little critters are attracted by the salt from your eyes and dive straight for them. Sometimes they swarm and hit me in numbers, but seem to leave my wife alone!


      • There are some home remedies, some say vitamin B12, or the same acidity found in real good tomatoes. Not hot house produce. Gnats in eyes are annoying. I’m not sure if it works but I’ve tried that clip on thing that is supposed to keep the little biters away.
        Good Luck.


    • Thanks Denise, I am glad you liked it, I wasn’t too keen on the end result this week. I liked the original 250 words I wrote, but the cutting seemed to me to murder the story so I am pleased you still liked it. 🙂


      • How about this:
        “Suddenly Pip’s head appeared over the wall, ‘Only kidding,’ he said. ‘Gotcha!’
        And they all lived happily ever after.”
        There you go, problem solved 😀


      • Hey! I like the sound of that, sounds like something he would do too. 🙂 Don’t know what is going on with my internet, or my blog. first I couldn’t post the picture, now the link back has disappeared!


  3. oh noooo Pip. Pip’s precious bag hanging useless from my shoulder… tragic tale (but in my head im stil imagining that Pip got out.)^^ great use of the photo


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