Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Derelict


Copyright Alastair Forbes 2013

Derelict (150 Words)

“…Offering wonderful potential and outstanding character. Situated in-“

“Oh, do shut up Alastair, I know exactly what I’m looking at.” snapped the woman, fingering the silver locket that hung from her elegant neck.

Chastened, the Estate Agent cleared his throat, and loosened his tie. Pipistrelle bats flitted in and out through a great hole in the tired, sagging roof as dusk’s gloom choked the last rays of light from the faltering day. He hated these evening appointments, but he longed to be rid of the derelict monstrosity before them.

She gripped his arm as he opened the door. “I’d like to look around alone, if you don’t mind.” she said leaving no room for debate.

“Aren’t you frightened by the stories?” he asked, stepping aside. She ignored him, stepping past into the gloom and closing the door behind her.

Soon, my love,” she whispered into the darkness, “soon.”



  1. Oh, this can go places…
    Chuckled, OK laughed loudly when I read Alastair was the Estate Agent.

    I wasn’t thinking Witness Protection Program. But I can see how that fits. Dreams have a sneaky way of taking on a life of their own.

    Thanks for your visit.


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