Hello all, and welcome to this week’s Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I hope that you enjoy it, comments are very welcome and will guarantee a reciprocal visit at some point this week!


Photo by Lora Mitchell

Rubber clad hands gently placed the plant he’d christened Ragnarok onto the window sill. Beneath the respirator mask the aptly named Dr Alberto Flores’ face creased into a macabre smile.

He opened the window and glanced at his watch. In four hours he would be two hundred miles away. In four hours as the new dawn kissed her petals she would make her deadly bloom. Tiny spores of toxic pollin would be released, and the wind would scatter agonising death.

Unseen far below, the amber flashing tow truck departed for the pound carrying all hope of his escape.



  1. Where is James Bond when you need him!
    Sometimes a little bit of evil goes a long way…two hundred miles might not be enough distance.

    Thanks for reading Semi de “Lilium” – If you keep making lefts you might end up where you started 🙂 Which could be, here.


  2. i will never be able to look at another plant like this one without thinking something nasty may spill forth…now i had to look up Ragnarok. :p i love your story, especially the ending! poor fella.


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